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Your Time

(edit) It turns out somehow I’ve managed to get a week ahead of myself, but it’s here now – so enjoy!  And you’re ready for next week 🙂 (but if you really want this weeks Psalm, it should be 70

This is such a beautiful Psalm.  No other words are necessary.

Psalm 90  (CEV)

God Is Eternal

90 Our Lord, in all generations
    you have been our home.
You have always been God—
    long before the birth
    of the mountains,
    even before you created
    the earth and the world.

At your command we die
    and turn back to dust,
    but a thousand years
    mean nothing to you!
They are merely a day gone by
    or a few hours in the night.

You bring our lives to an end
    just like a dream.
We are merely tender grass
    that sprouts and grows
in the morning,
    but dries up by evening.
Your furious anger frightens
    and destroys us,
and you know all of our sins,
    even those we do in secret.

Your anger is a burden
each day we live,
    then life ends like a sigh.
10 We can expect seventy years,
or maybe eighty,
    if we are healthy,
    but even our best years
    bring trouble and sorrow.
Suddenly our time is up,
    and we disappear.
11 No one knows the full power
    of your furious anger,
    but it is as great as the fear
    that we owe to you.
12 Teach us to use wisely
    all the time we have.

13 Help us, Lord! Don’t wait!
    Pity your servants.
14 When morning comes,
    let your love satisfy
    all our needs.
Then we can celebrate
    and be glad for what time
    we have left.
15 Make us happy for as long
    as you caused us trouble
    and sorrow.
16 Do wonderful things for us,
    your servants,
    and show your mighty power
    to our children.
17 Our Lord and our God,
    treat us with kindness
    and let all go well for us.
    Please let all go well!

A Lonely Place – Day 3

Life, if we let it, can be full of noise.

We have 24 hour tv and radio, the internet is always on and waiting for us to join it if we choose to, shops open longer hours and every day.

What can be harder to find is stillness and peace…

time to think, time to reflect, time to just be, time to re-centre ourselves, time to be still;

time to stop the bustling, the sorting, the talking.

Jesus Goes Up Alone onto a Mountain to Pray
James Tissot

Part of Advent is taking time to prepare ourselves.  To be ready, not for Christmas, but for the coming of Christ, as a new-born child AND when he returns in glory.

To fully prepare ourselves we may need to go to the lonely place, the quiet place, the God place – to the place there is no agenda, just waiting with him.

Today, the challenge is to find some space. Just you and God.


I want to be ready,

ready to meet you

and ready to meet the tasks you call me to.


in stillness,

in quiet,

in waiting,

I come to you

– no agenda –

just me and you

spending time together

This year for Advent, some friends and I are using Advent and Christmas Wisdom from Henri J. M. Nouwen.   You’re welcome to join us on this journey.  Feel free to comment here, or on Twitter using #adventbookclub

It’s Time

I’m sitting here, writing this blog, and suddenly looked at the time. How did it get to be this time?!

I spent the weekend in hospital, so am living in a bit of a time fog anyway, but how easy it is to lose track of time, to not realise how much is passing, and that it might actually be time to be doing something else.

At the beginning of his work Jesus announces that it is time.  Time to repent and believe. A time of opportunity, a time for decision. The people had been waiting so long for the person that was to come and save them – that time is here now, Jesus says.

There comes a time when a decision has to be made. There can be no more procrastination. It is time to act.

Jesus challenges us to that decision – what are we going to do?

It’s time…

Thank you lord
that you give us an opportunity
a time to make a decision
– to believe or not;
to turn around and follow you
– or not.
Today I make my decision…