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A Lonely Place – Day 3

Life, if we let it, can be full of noise.

We have 24 hour tv and radio, the internet is always on and waiting for us to join it if we choose to, shops open longer hours and every day.

What can be harder to find is stillness and peace…

time to think, time to reflect, time to just be, time to re-centre ourselves, time to be still;

time to stop the bustling, the sorting, the talking.

Jesus Goes Up Alone onto a Mountain to Pray
James Tissot

Part of Advent is taking time to prepare ourselves.  To be ready, not for Christmas, but for the coming of Christ, as a new-born child AND when he returns in glory.

To fully prepare ourselves we may need to go to the lonely place, the quiet place, the God place – to the place there is no agenda, just waiting with him.

Today, the challenge is to find some space. Just you and God.


I want to be ready,

ready to meet you

and ready to meet the tasks you call me to.


in stillness,

in quiet,

in waiting,

I come to you

– no agenda –

just me and you

spending time together

This year for Advent, some friends and I are using Advent and Christmas Wisdom from Henri J. M. Nouwen.   You’re welcome to join us on this journey.  Feel free to comment here, or on Twitter using #adventbookclub