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Spare a Thought

By Produnis (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons
If you are celebrating this Christmas time, and why shouldn’t you?!, please spare a thought for those who aren’t or can’t…

for the person visibly struggling, and the one sat quietly in the corner;
for the one trying to make the best of it, and the one trying to pretend it isn’t happening;
for those whose pain and struggle we know of, and those who we have no idea of the burdens they carry;
for those who wish today was different and those for whom every day is the same – and not in a good way;
for those who don’t have food to eat, a roof over their head and don’t have the luxury of ‘being ready for Christmas’;
for those who have no one to buy gifts for, and those who have nothing to spare on such luxuries.

for the mourning, wishing that person was here;
for those with no answers, wondering when, or if, they will ever know;
for the scarred, and the scared, for whom today is just another day of fear;
for those for whom a change of routine is confusing and frightening;
for those who can see someone they love slipping from them;
for the chronically ill, for whom today is just another day of dealing with symptoms and managing treatment;
for those for whom today is just another day of work

for those who so want today to be different, and know it isn’t;
for those who want to join in, and can’t;
for those who wish they were somewhere else, and aren’t

And the food and the decorations and the celebrations make no difference, for today is just another day of pain, hurt, dealing with life…

Think of them and if there is anything you can do to make this Christmas different, or just hold them and remember not everyone is celebrating



Beauty #Advent

Rose of sharon           Hypericum calycinum Tasmania

Hibiscus Syriacus

‘Love makes everything beautiful’, what a lovely title, what a beautiful thought.

The woman thinks she is nothing special, to the one who loves her she is the most beautiful person he has ever seen.  No one else compares to her, she is the one who gives him pleasure.  Such feelings are reciprocated by her to him – it is not a one way relationship.

Whether we read this as an expression of love between two people or between God and his people, it can’t help but make our heart sing.  In the context of God’s love for his people it is awesome – however we think and feel about ourselves to God we are beautiful, loved and cherished.  He sees us and sees not brokenness but beauty, and we are special to him.

The interesting thing I found researching the Rose of Sharon is that it is not just one specific flower, but refers to several different species.  Beauty does not have only one look.  Each of us has our own characteristics, all loved and beautiful before God.  I find that pretty awesome.

God loves me, however ordinary, cracked or unlovely I feel.

And ultimately, God promises he will take us to his banqueting hall and shower us in his love – a love story made in heaven.

The theme of the second week in Advent is The Day of Salvation.  We prepare for that day.

Song of Solomon 2:1-4 (CEV)

Love Makes Everything Beautiful

She Speaks:

I am merely a rose
from the land of Sharon,
    a lily from the valley.

He Speaks:

My darling, when compared
with other young women,
    you are a lily among thorns.

She Speaks:

And you, my love,
are an apple tree
    among trees of the forest.
Your shade brought me pleasure;
    your fruit was sweet.
You led me to your banquet room
    and showered me with love.

From The Sleep of Ages

No Place #Advent


There is no place
for pride
or arrogance
There is no place for rebellion,
rejecting the better way.
No room for those
who think they know better,
or are better.

Corruption must go,
haughtiness be brought down,
lawlessness corrected.

Only service belongs here,
in and through God,
lived in humility,
and love.

That is God’s way.

May it be my way

The theme of the first week in Advent is The Day of the Lord.  We look forward to the coming of that day.

Zephaniah 3:1-2, 9-13  (CEV)

Sinful Jerusalem

Too bad for that disgusting,
    corrupt, and lawless city!
Forever rebellious
    and rejecting correction,
Jerusalem refuses to trust
    or obey the Lord God.

I will purify each language
and make those languages
    acceptable for praising me.
Then, with hearts united,
everyone will serve
    only me, the Lord.
10 From across the rivers
    of Ethiopia,
my scattered people,
my true worshipers,
    will bring offerings to me.

11 When that time comes,
you won’t rebel against me
    and be put to shame.
I’ll do away with those
    who are proud and arrogant.
Never will any of them
strut around
    on my holy mountain.
12 But I, the Lord, won’t destroy
    any of your people
who are truly humble
    and turn to me for safety.
13 The people of Israel who survive
will live right
    and refuse to tell lies.
They will eat and rest
    with nothing to fear.

I Want to Serve the Purpose of God