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From Now On #adventbookclub – Day 23

Luke 1:46-49 (CEV)

Mary’s Song of Praise

46 Mary said:

With all my heart
    I praise the Lord,
47 and I am glad
    because of God my Savior.
48 He cares for me,
    his humble servant.
From now on,
all people will say
    God has blessed me.
49 God All-Powerful has done
great things for me,
    and his name is holy.

From now on
things will never be the same.

From now on
my life is full of God.

From now on
God is using me as his servant.

From now on
people will see that God has blessed me.

From now on
may they know that he has blessed them too.

From now on
God has done so much for me.

From now on
God within me,
God around me,
God in you.

From now on Lord
let it be so.

All That I Am

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