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A Helping Hand – Psalm 145:10-18

Psalm 145:10-18 (CEV)

10 All creation will thank you,
    and your loyal people
    will praise you.
11 They will tell about
    your marvelous kingdom
    and your power.
12 Then everyone will know about
    the mighty things you do
    and your glorious kingdom.
13 Your kingdom will never end,
    and you will rule forever.

Our Lord, you keep your word
    and do everything you say.
14 When someone stumbles or falls,
    you give a helping hand.
15 Everyone depends on you,
and when the time is right,
    you provide them with food.
16 By your own hand
    you satisfy
    the desires of all who live.

17 Our Lord, everything you do
    is kind and thoughtful,
18     and you are near to everyone
    whose prayers are sincere.

Thank you Lord
for being my helping hand.

That when I fall,
you pick me up;
you feed me –
you meet my every need,
whether I am aware of it
or not.

Thank you Lord,
that you always walk near me
and are always watching out for me.

Thank you for the people
you use to do that with you,
May I in turn
be part of your work
in supporting others.

More Than Enough

I see the need,
these people need to eat.
What can I do?
What have I got?

This is what I offer
to you
for God
to use.

It may not look like enough
to our eyes,
but in God’s hands
there is more than enough.
But it needs
to be offered,
to his use.

The hungry are fed
and there is some left over.

Great is our God
who deals in abundance.

I see a need,
but do I act?
Do I give?
Share what I have?
Allow you to take
and multiply

What I have,
may I give
for you
to take
and use,
to feed
and restore.

2 Kings 4:42-44 (CEV)

Elisha Feeds One Hundred People

42 A man from the town of Baal-Shalishah brought Elisha some freshly cut grain and twenty loaves of bread made from the first barley that was harvested. Elisha said, “Give it to the people so they can eat.”

43 “There’s not enough here for a hundred people,” his servant said.

“Just give it to them,” Elisha replied. “The Lord has promised there will be more than enough.”

44 So the servant served the bread and grain to the people. They ate and still had some left over, just as the Lord had promised.