No Holding Back

It’s time.  A deadline is here.  It’s time for that appointment.  The train is leaving now.  It is time to make that decision.  You need to be ready now.

What is it time for in your life?

6 We work together with God, and we beg you to make good use of God’s kindness to you. In the Scriptures God says,

“When the time came,
I listened to you,
and when you needed help,
I came to save you.”

That time has come. This is the day for you to be saved.

We don’t want anyone to find fault with our work, and so we try hard not to cause problems. But in everything and in every way we show that we truly are God’s servants. We have always been patient, though we have had a lot of trouble, suffering, and hard times. We have been beaten, put in jail, and hurt in riots. We have worked hard and have gone without sleep or food. But we have kept ourselves pure and have been understanding, patient, and kind. The Holy Spirit has been with us, and our love has been real. We have spoken the truth, and God’s power has worked in us. In all our struggles we have said and done only what is right.

Whether we were honoured or dishonoured or praised or cursed, we always told the truth about ourselves. But some people said we did not. We are unknown to others, but well known to you. We seem to be dying, and yet we are still alive. We have been punished, but never killed, 10 and we are always happy, even in times of suffering. Although we are poor, we have made many people rich. And though we own nothing, everything is ours.

11 Friends in Corinth, we are telling the truth when we say that there is room in our hearts for you. 12 We are not holding back on our love for you, but you are holding back on your love for us. 13 I speak to you as I would speak to my own children. Please make room in your hearts for us.

God’s time.  God has listened and knows we need help – and he is here with it.

The time has come – now is the day for you to be saved?

But what does that mean?  What does it look like in reality?

God longs to touch us, to help us, to love us – if only we will let him.

We are not holding back on our love for you

That’s what it looks like when God is here to save us – people loving us in his name.

And that is what is required of us for others to see him saving them.  Loving God’s ways.  That’s an awesome responsibility if God’s way of seeing need and sending help is by sending us!  Paul says that they have worked hard not to make problems, been understanding patient and kind.  Are they the qualities we show?  The characteristics that will show others God’s love and that he has come to rescue them in their need?

It’s time.

  • Is it time for you to discover God and how he can help you?
  • Is it time for you to discover how you can love others in his name?

What is it time for you to do today?  For yourself?  For God?  For others?

Lets make room.

Thank you Lord
that you listen to me,
you know my need,
and you come to rescue me.
Thank you for your love,
so often shown through others.
And Lord,
as I receive,
so may I give.
Help me to live in a way
that others can see and feel you,
know that you come to them
and rescue them.
I pray that in me
there will be no holding back
of your love
and mine

~ by pamjw on June 19, 2012.

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