What really matters

Sometimes something pulls you up short.
Someone questions something you’ve always done.

In our current household where I can do very little, Mr Pamsperambulation is having to ask lots of questions about everyday household chores. But as well as asking how, I’m getting the occasional


And I’m having to think through the rationale of my usual actions.

Something similar was occurring in the early church. Everything was new.  They were having to think through the how and the why of what they did, how they behaved – and it was causing some tricky situations and decisions.

Some were happy to eat meat that had previously been offered to idols. They believed idols were of no consequence, and so it didn’t matter – the meat was fine.  Others found this more difficult and couldn’t reconcile that it would be ok for a Christian to have anything to do with something that had been already offered to an idol. It didn’t sit right with them, and made them uncomfortable.

So Paul gives them some good advice – it’s not just how your actions make you feel that matters, but as important is how they effect those around you.  And the guiding factor always should be love.

I wonder how after we think about how the things we do effect others; things that we take for granted that may disturb others? Do we ever consider it, or are we just getting on with our own lives?

We have a responsibility in how our lives effect others. Our actions should never lead others astray, even if we are comfortable. What really matters is others and helping them to live as God requires them.

  • How does my lifestyle effect others – for good or bad
  •   How can I help others to find their way?

I thank you Lord,

for all those that have helped me,

who have supported me,

as I have worked out your way in my life.

May I always be considerate,

and look first to love,

not what I am convinced is right;

that your ways

may be our ways

~ by pamjw on January 24, 2012.

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