That’s Why

Why doesn’t God do something

The cry you often hear from people, usually when things are going wrong.  They want to know why God doesn’t step in and sort things out.

Isaiah asks pretty much the same question: why God doesn’t come and tear the sky apart, why he doesn’t come down, why he doesn’t come and reveal himself now?

For he goes on to explain why he thinks the world needs sorting out.  People – us – we have continued to go on doing wrong, even though we knew it would make God angry; no one turns to God in prayer, to spend time listening and sharing with God; we don’t turn to God for help, preferring instead to do our thing.

And in that I think, is the answer.  That is why God doesn’t come yet.  Because we are not right, and in the depths of his love he wants to give us every opportunity to turn to him.

For Isaiah cries out to the one who acts on behalf of those who wait for him.  The Messiah, the one who can save us from ourselves and our ways.  We can come to him for help, and if we do he won’t be angry any longer – but will welcome us, love us, forgive us, free us and set us right.  For that is God’s desire.  Not to destroy us, but for us to know his ways to live and enjoy all that brings.

Having said that, the time will come, when enough is enough.  God will return…

Thank you God that you are doing something,

you are waiting for us,

loving us,

ready to forgive,

to free, waiting until you can wait no longer.


I come to you.

I see what you have done,

I know what you ask of me,

and I don’t reach that.

Thank you that, if we bring them to you

you do not hold those things against us forever.

Forgive me

I pray

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