So if we’re going to go on this journey, we’re going to need help.

Psalm 121

1I look to the hills!

Where will I find help?

2It will come from the LORD,

who created the heavens

and the earth.

3The LORD is your protector,

and he won’t go to sleep

or let you stumble.

4The protector of Israel

doesn’t doze

or ever get drowsy.

5The LORD is your protector,

there at your right side

to shade you from the sun.

6You won’t be harmed

by the sun during the day

or by the moon at night. 7The LORD will protect you

and keep you safe

from all dangers.

8The LORD will protect you

now and always

wherever you go.


We had this Psalm at our wedding.  I suppose there’s not much more of a launching on a journey than a marriage.  The coming together of two separate lives to form one new unit.  There has to be a sense of moving on.  Both people can’t continue to do things the way they always have, or that wouldn’t be much of a marriage.  New traditions and habits have to be worked out, new ways of living have to be developed.

This Psalm acknowledges two things:

In life’s journeyings, we need help, and

God is the one who can give us that help.


God made the heavens and the earth, and so that obviously makes him the best one to be our guide.

He is going to protect us – always.  He will keep us safe.  I’ve said before that I don’t think that means he will save us from the trials of life – that is not protecting; but in an over-all sense God watches over us and walks with us.

On the journey through life that he calls us to, God is always there – that is where we find our help.

If we are afraid this Lent to step out, if we know what God is calling us from, or leading us to – he is there.  The journey may be arduous, there may be some steep hills, some rocky crags or some difficult connections to make, but God is ALWAYS there.


Thank you Lord

that our help comes from you,

that we are not reliant on ourselves,

that you never leave us,

that you know how things are,

so we are safe in your company.

Give us the courage,

the strength,

the help we need,

to come on this journey with you.

~ by pamjw on March 15, 2011.

2 Responses to “Help”

  1. Thanks for this. I’m going to Connexional Selection Committee in a couple of weeks and definitely in need of help!!

    • What a journey that is! Hope it goes well for you and you feel God’s presence in this part of your journey.

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