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Safe – Psalm 25

Oh Lord,
how I long to be safe,
to be in a place of protection,
that will never be shaken.

You hold your arms around me
and hold me secure,
and cherished.
You are that place
of safety.

I pray
that knowledge of peace
for all people:
for the lonely,
the lost,
the storm-tossed,
the frightened,
the running,
those with no energy to run,
nowhere to run to,
or no way to go.

May they know your peace
and presence,
know that you hold them tight
and they can rest in you.

Not Be Moved

Psalm 125 (CEV)

(A song for worship.)

The Lord’s People Are Safe

125 Everyone who trusts the Lord
    is like Mount Zion
    that cannot be shaken
    and will stand forever.
Just as Jerusalem is protected
    by mountains on every side,
the Lord protects his people
    by holding them in his arms
    now and forever.
He won’t let the wicked
rule his people
    or lead them to do wrong.
Let’s ask the Lord to be kind
to everyone
    who is good
    and completely obeys him.

When the Lord punishes
    the wicked,
he will punish everyone else
who lives a crooked life.
    Pray for peace in Israel!

A Safe Place


O Lord,
I feel safe,
truly safe,
in you.

In you alone
do I find peace
and the strength to go on.

You are my safe place,
my strong place.

I come to you
with all that weighs me down,
the burdens I cannot
carry alone,
my brokenness
and pain,
and in you
I can breathe.

Here I sit,
in the safety of your shelter
and protection:
just sit
and wait

Psalm 62:5-12 (CEV)

Only God gives inward peace,
    and I depend on him.
God alone is the mighty rock
    that keeps me safe,
    and he is the fortress
    where I feel secure.
God saves me and honors me.
    He is that mighty rock
    where I find safety.

Trust God, my friends,
    and always tell him
each one of your concerns.
    God is our place of safety.

We humans are only a breath;
    none of us are truly great.
All of us together weigh less
    than a puff of air.
10 Don’t trust in violence
or depend on dishonesty
    or rely on great wealth.

11 I heard God say two things:
    “I am powerful,
12     and I am very kind.”
The Lord rewards each of us
    according to what we do.

God, My Night-Light


When I am afraid in the dark,
you are my night-light,
the comforting,
re-assuring glow,
a presence
with me.
With you there,
I know I am safe,
nothing will leap out of the shadows,
I can see if I need to move,
with your light,
I am not alone.

I ask
only one more thing,
‘Can I come into your house?’
To live in your presence,
your protection
day by day;
to be where you are,
ever close;
to be able to hide
in your protection.

Hear me O Lord,
I want to see your face,
to be ever near,
to talk to you,
to sing your praise.

You alone have kept me.
Don’t hide from me now,
don’t turn away,
don’t go;
you are the only one
who can help me,
please keep me safe.

Psalm 27:1  (CEV)

(By David.)

A Prayer of Praise

27 You, Lord, are the light
    that keeps me safe.
I am not afraid of anyone.
    You protect me,
    and I have no fears.

I ask only one thing, Lord:
Let me live in your house
    every day of my life
    to see how wonderful you are
    and to pray in your temple.

In times of trouble,
    you will protect me.
You will hide me in your tent
    and keep me safe
    on top of a mighty rock.
You will let me defeat
    all of my enemies.
Then I will celebrate,
    as I enter your tent
    with animal sacrifices
    and songs of praise.

Please listen when I pray!
    Have pity. Answer my prayer.
My heart tells me to pray.
I am eager to see your face,
    so don’t hide from me.
I am your servant,
and you have helped me.
    Don’t turn from me in anger.
You alone keep me safe.
    Don’t reject or desert me.

God is My Light