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The Best Choice

(A special psalm by David.)

The Best Choice

16 Protect me, Lord God!
    I run to you for safety,
and I have said,
    “Only you are my Lord!
    Every good thing I have
    is a gift from you.”

Your people are wonderful,
    and they make me happy,
    but worshipers of other gods
    will have much sorrow.
I refuse to offer sacrifices
of blood to those gods
    or worship in their name.

You, Lord, are all I want!
    You are my choice,
    and you keep me safe.
You make my life pleasant,
    and my future is bright.

I praise you, Lord,
    for being my guide.
Even in the darkest night,
    your teachings fill my mind.
I will always look to you,
    as you stand beside me
    and protect me from fear.
With all my heart,
I will celebrate,
    and I can safely rest.

10 I am your chosen one.
You won’t leave me in the grave
    or let my body decay.
11 You have shown me
    the path to life,
    and you make me glad
    by being near to me.
Sitting at your right side,
    I will always be joyful.

God is quite simply the best choice there is…

Sorry I couldn’t resist!

The Scorpion

Asian forest scorpion (Heterometrus laoticus) in Khao Yai National Park, Thailand by Chris Huh

Scorpions are not creatures we naturally like.  Not only are they like spiders (which actually I don’t mind, but worry a lot of people), but they have added claws and a sting.  You certainly wouldn’t want to stand on one!

Yet here is Jesus holding one in his hand.  And not just holding it, but gazing at it with great interest.  Would I pick up a scorpion?  I’m sure I wouldn’t.  Yet Jesus doesn’t mind.  Does he see just one of God’s creatures as much in need of some care as the next?  Apparently, though scorpions have a reputation, only around twenty-five species are capable of killing a human being.  So is it a case of their reputation being worse than their bite?

So what things and people do I steer well clear of because of their perceived danger.  Are there people whose reputation is far worse than their bite?  They are just God’s creatures in need of some care and attention, but I avoid them because I believe what people say, or I think?

And what about those hands of Jesus.  Big hands.  Safe hands.  They’re not going to drop anything.

When I think of God, I often have a picture in my mind of sitting in the palm of his hand.  That to me feels like a safe and secure place – very much what Spencer gives the image of here.  Jesus’ focus is entirely on what he is holding.  I like that.

These are my thoughts on spending some time with the picture.  I’ll go on to look at what Stephen Cottrell has to say about it…

These thoughts are reflecting on Spencer’s painting The Scorpion (seen here at the bottom of the second page).

This year for Lent, I am reading Christ in the Wilderness by Bishop Stephen Cottrell, published by SPCK, reflecting on Stanley Spencer’s paintings of that title.

I’m not necessarily going to blog every day on it, just when something leaps out at me – and they will be thoughts rather than full blog posts