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Enduring Love vi

The Healing Touch By Tim Holmes (Own work)

Hosea 5:15-6:6 (CEV)

 15 Then I’ll return to my temple

until they confess their guilt
    and worship me,
until they are desperate
    and beg for my help.

The Lord’s People Speak

Let’s return to the Lord.
    He has torn us to shreds,
but he will bandage our wounds
    and make us well.
In two or three days
    he will heal us
and restore our strength
    that we may live with him.
Let’s do our best
    to know the Lord.
His coming is as certain
    as the morning sun;
he will refresh us like rain
renewing the earth
    in the springtime.

The Lord Speaks to Israel and Judah

People of Israel and Judah,
    what can I do with you?
Your love for me disappears
more quickly
than mist
    or dew at sunrise.
That’s why I slaughtered you
with the words
    of my prophets.
That’s why my judgements blazed
    like the dawning sun.
I’d rather for you to be faithful
and to know me
    than to offer sacrifices.

I am desperate,
I need your help.

My ways
have not gone well;
my stubbornness
has not led to a life well-lived;
my failure to listen
has led me down wrong paths
and dead ends;
thinking I knew my own way
has led me to wander
without purpose,
stumbling around in the wilderness;
my faithlessness
has taken me far from you;
my desire to be seen to do the right thing
has taken my focus
from doing
what you actually require of me.

What can you do with me?
What will you do with me?

Come Lord,
tend my wounds,
restore me I pray.
It is not what I deserve,
but I rely on your love,
your faithfulness.
I have failed,
I praise you
that you endure.

His Love Endures Forever

Those Who Weep

A little belatedly, I’m starting my lent series.  I’m going to be following the daily lectionary readings, rather than the Sunday ones I normally cover, and reflecting on them here.  I shall also use the titles used in the Methodist Prayer Handbook, because they seem helpful for the Lenten journey.

Just for today  I am going to use the set Psalm, whilst Paul begins to wrap up his final farewells in Romans.

(A song for worship.)

Celebrating the Harvest

126 It seemed like a dream
when the Lord brought us back
    to the city of Zion.
We celebrated with laughter
    and joyful songs.
In foreign nations it was said,
    “The Lord has worked miracles
    for his people.”
And so we celebrated
    because the Lord had indeed
    worked miracles for us.

Our Lord, we ask you to bless
    our people again,
    and let us be like streams
    in the Southern Desert.
We cried as we went out
    to plant our seeds.
    Now let us celebrate
    as we bring in the crops.
We cried on the way
    to plant our seeds,
    but we will celebrate and shout
    as we bring in the crops.

At first glimpse, this seems an odd song for the beginning of Lent, it’s a song more of returning than of going into the desert, a song of praise and celebration than of sorrow; but perhaps it is the glimpse of hope we need.

And perhaps a significant part is in those who cry as they plant their seeds.

Tears of sorrow,
tears of frustration,
tears of pain,
tears of anger,
tears of desertion

let my tears flow,
as a realisation,
a cleansing,
a sorrow.

as I enter Lent,
a wilderness,
time alone with you,
I can weep
for how far I am,
how dry and parched my life,
how in need of life
and refreshment.

In tears of honesty,
of acknowledgement,
of healing

May I find
and peace
in and through you

that I may return
as you,
and only you
bring me back

And then
I will be equipped to sow
for you

All Those Who Are Weeping