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Are you Coming?

Can you imagine if you had been invited to the wedding of the now Duke and Duchess of Cambridge?  I can’t imagine many of us would have considered refusing it – however Royalist or Republican our views.

We would want to be there, to be a part of what was happening, a piece of history; and to be seen to be there would be such an honour.

Such an honour is given in The Parable of the Wedding Feast.

The King has prepared a wedding feast for his son.  The very best of food has been prepared.  Come, the guests are invited.

But the guests are all busy.  They are more interested in going about their business, than joining the king for the celebration.  Because of this, anyone and everyone was invited – people from the streets, good, bad and indifferent, were all invited to come.

This, Jesus says, is how it is with God’s Kingdom.

We have an invitation – will we come?

Or are we too busy?  Too focussed on all we have to do?  Caught up in our own priorities?  Missing the greatest invitation of our lives?

God is inviting you to join him.  Will you?

Forgive me Lord,

that though I hear you call,

I am busy,

have other things to do,

projects that seem more important.

As I hear your invitation,

may I answer,

come to your banquet,

and feast on all you provide