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Look Out

The Ottackal look out

1 Corinthians 10:24 (GNT)

24 None of you should be looking out for your own interests, but for the interests of others.

This is the nub of the Christian life.  A focus for lent – and beyond.

What and whom am I looking out for?  Whose interests are paramount in my life?  Where am I looking?

I get so caught up in me,
my wants
and perceived needs;
so keen
to have my needs met,
things my way,
so involved in the world of me.

But there are so many more,
all with needs
and cares.

May my concerns,
real as some of them are,
not overshadow those of others
in my mind and life.

May I not be so wrapped up in myself
that I fail to see others;
so busy getting what I want,
that I trample on others needs;
so busy saying
‘look at me’
that others are overlooked;
so busy looking out for me,
that I am not looking out for others.