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Learning to Live


I’m relying on you Lord.

Show me
what you want me to do
and I’ll do it;
help me to understand
what it is you want of me,
that I may do the right thing;
make me want to live your ways
above anything else.

You give me everything I need
to fight the battle,
you save me.

When people say I am stupid
for relying on you,
may I stand strong
and speak truth.

You give me freedom
from needing to follow the crowd,
you alone are my source of joy.

I trust
and follow you.

Psalm 119:33-40  (CEV)

33 Point out your rules to me,
and I won’t disobey
even one of them.
34 Help me to understand your Law;
I promise to obey it
with all my heart.
35 Direct me by your commands!
I love to do what you say.
36 Make me want to obey you,
rather than to be rich.
37 Take away my foolish desires,
and let me find life
by walking with you.
38 I am your servant!
Do for me what you promised
to those who worship you.
39 Your wonderful teachings
protect me from the insults
that I hate so much.
40 I long for your teachings.
Be true to yourself
and let me live.

Teach Me, O Lord

Who Is It For?

Who can come?
Who is it for?
Who can be here?
Who is able to stay?

This is your Temple Lord,
your holy place.
Who is welcome?
Is it for me?
What do I need to do?
What are you asking
of those who want to be with you?

You need obedience,
a willingness
to do what you ask,
what you need,
to follow your ways.
This place,
here in your holiness,
is for truth,
not hearsay,
or downright lies.
It is a place
to build people up,
not knock them down;
to be fair
and honest,
not economical
with the truth.

You demand respect,
not for yourself,
but for those we live amongst,
who help us,
provide for us,
those we see
and those we don’t.

You need us to keep our promises,
better to say nothing
than to promise
and not deliver.
You are not looking for empty words,
meaningless platitudes,
that come to nothing.
Words cost,
and we need to be willing
to pay the price
of what we say we will do.
Cheap options
are not your way,
but the way of sacrifice,
and honour.

These things are holy Lord,
the things you ask
of those
who want to be with you,
to live your ways,
to be in your presence,
day by day.

Psalm 15 (CEV)

(A psalm by David.)

Who May Worship the Lord?

15 Who may stay in God’s temple
    or live on the holy mountain
    of the Lord?

Only those who obey God
    and do as they should.
They speak the truth
    and don’t spread gossip;
    they treat others fairly
    and don’t say cruel things.

They hate worthless people,
    but show respect for all
    who worship the Lord.
And they keep their promises,
    no matter what the cost.
They lend their money
    without charging interest,
    and they don’t take bribes
    to hurt the innocent.

Those who do these things
    will always stand firm.

They Who Do Justice

Doing what you’re told

Psalm 95

Worship and Obey the LORD

1Sing joyful songs to the LORD!Praise the mighty rock

where we are safe.

2Come to worship him

with thankful hearts

and songs of praise.

3The LORD is the greatest God,

king over all other gods.

4He holds the deepest part

of the earth in his hands,

and the mountain peaks

belong to him.

5The ocean is the Lord’s

because he made it,

and with his own hands

he formed the dry land.

6Bow down and worship

the LORD our Creator!

7The LORD is our God,

and we are his people,

the sheep he takes care of

in his own pasture.

Listen to God’s voice today!

8Don’t be stubborn and rebel

as your ancestors did

at Meribah and Massah out in the desert.

9For forty years

they tested God

and saw

the things he did.

10Then God got tired of them

and said,

“You never show good sense,

and you don’t understand

what I want you to do.”

11In his anger, God told them,

“You people will never enter

my place of rest.”

There are rules about going on a journey.  The Railway Byelaws, for example, make fascinating reading – apparently!

So journeying with God is not just about having a great time, praising and worshipping him, exploring where he’s taking us – obedience has to come into it too.

Obedience is one of those words that has got a bad reputation.  It’s really not the done thing for anyone to tell anyone else what to do.  But unless there are some rules everything can get very confusing and even dangerous.  What would happen if we all climbed into our cars and made up the rule as we went along?  It would not be very long before there was a collision.

And so, in this Psalm, yes we are invited to worship God, to thank him for all the amazing things he has done and will do – to enjoy the view if you like; so we are also reminded to listen to his voice – and having heard what he says, to not to be stubborn, not to rebel, and not to test God.

If God is anything, he is the one who knows the rules – he made them.  Returning back to Genesis – there was just one rule – and look where disobeying that has got us.  If we are going to trust God, then we have to trust him to know what is best, and follow it.  Popular or not, that is the way to successful travelling.

God leads, he protects, he holds it all in his hand – what’s not to trust?

You will have to watch this directly on YouTube

Lord you know

that I’m, not always good at doing what I’m told.

I like to do things my way,

in my time.

But I know really

that you know best,

so help me to turn my belief to trust

and my trust to action

and obedience