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Treasuring God

There is one of those ice-breaker questions that asks what you would rescue from your house if it was on fire.  The idea being to show what is important to you.

My answer is always my car keys.  Not because I love my car, but I figure that if I have my car I have shelter and warmth.

Luke 12:32-40

Treasures in Heaven

32 My little group of disciples, don’t be afraid! Your Father wants to give you the kingdom. 33 Sell what you have and give the money to the poor. Make yourselves moneybags that never wear out. Make sure your treasure is safe in heaven, where thieves cannot steal it and moths cannot destroy it. 34 Your heart will always be where your treasure is.

Faithful and Unfaithful Servants

35 Be ready and keep your lamps burning 36 just like those servants who wait up for their master to return from a wedding feast. As soon as he comes and knocks, they open the door for him. 37 Servants are fortunate if their master finds them awake and ready when he comes! I promise you that he will get ready and have his servants sit down so he can serve them. 38 Those servants are really fortunate if their master finds them ready, even though he comes late at night or early in the morning. 39 You would surely not let a thief break into your home, if you knew when the thief was coming. 40 So always be ready! You don’t know when the Son of Man will come.

For those who think God is a grumpy old man, down on all humans, the perhaps startling thing about this passage is the opening part – God wants to give us the kingdom.  It’s not something he is grudgingly holding on to, keeping to himself, unwilling to let us in – he wants us to share in it.

The way to access it, is to make sure we aren’t holding tightly on to other things.  Like the Rich Fool last week, it is making sure your security is in the right place.  Not in assets, but in heaven.  Why?  Because what we treasure will always lead out hearts and lives.

So, do we treasure “things”, or God?  Are we busy polishing our treasure, or looking for his works and his ways?

What God offers to us is amazing – way more than anything money can buy or possessions can bring.  Nothing we can own offers us more.

What will I treasure most?  What will I seek to store?

help me to appreciate
which things are truly of value
and worth.
Where to put my time and focus,
what I treasure,
the things I long for.

Lord I want to look for you,
to seek your ways,
to know your treasures.

Thank you that you want to share them with me

Keeping the faith

Faith is confidence and trust in someone or something.  It is defined as a belief not based on proof – but it can be belief based on previous experience, and the previous experience of others.

God made an outrageous promise to Abram.  Not only does he promise to protect and reward him, but also that he will have a son of his own.  We know that Sarai, Abarm’s wife, is well past child-bearing age.  Abram’s chances of fatherhood are over – but not in God’s ways.

God had previously called Abram out of his own country, to a land that he would show him.  God had kept his promises to Abram before – and now he is going to do it again.  God promises, Abram believes and God is able to work.  Abram has nothing to go on than that God has kept his promises to him in the past, so he trusts what God says to him now.

The reading from Hebrews reminds us that faith makes us sure of the things we hope for and proof of what we cannot see.  That’s not the things we hope for like an ice cream or a nice day, but eternal hope.  Treasure stored in heaven.  Faith in God is what gives us the strength to go on.  We can have faith because he has kept his promises before.

Further into Hebrews 11 we are reminded of how Abram walked by faith.  He did what God asked him, however ridiculous or outrageous it seemed, and God came through on his promises.  These people had faith to keep walking towards God’s promises.

God continues to call us today.

God’s callings do not always make sense! But they can always be trusted.

When God called me to ministry it made no sense at all.  Me??  I had my life sorted.  But God called me.

When we moved into ministry we were caught up in negative equity selling our house.  This really isn’t convenient Lord!  But God called and God provided.

When I became too ill to work, what was that about?  I had been trained and developed skills, but God leads the way.  He has continued to provide and lead us in new and different ways.

Who knows what will happen next?  But I know that God is leading and we follow in faith.

When I was thinking of candidating for the ministry (for that you can read fighting with God about it!), I came across this.  I don’t know who wrote it – if you do please let me know – but it was one of the final pieces of the jigsaw, that stopped me being able to run away from God’s way, and to reach out and follow his call – by faith.

Who us?

And the Lord said, “Go!”

And we said, “Who us?”

And he said, “Yes, you”.

And we said, “But we’re not ready yet

And there’s company coming.

And we can’t leave the kids,

And you know there is no-one to take our place.”

And he said, “You’re stalling”.

Again the Lord said, “Go”.

And we said, “But we don’t want to”.

And we said, “Listen, we’re not that kind of people

To get involved so deeply, besides

Our family wouldn’t like it.

And what will the neighbours think?”

And he said, “Baloney”.

And yet a third time the Lord said, “Go!”

And we said, “Do we have to?”

And he said, “Do you love me?”

And we said, “Look, we’re scared.

People are going to reject us.

And cut us up into little pieces.

And we can’t take it all by ourselves.”

And he said, “Where do you think I’ll be?”

And the Lord said, “Go!”

And we sighed, “Here we are Lord, send us”

Each day we can have the faith to step out walking with God.  He is faithful.  He will never abandon us.  He has faith in us, can we live in faith of him?

At times we walk by faith, not by sight.  But it is not blind faith.  It is in the faith of the amazing God who has been calling and leading for generations.  We are privileged to be invited to join that walk, and receive all he has to offer us.

Where is God calling you today?  What is he calling you to?  However strange or fantastic it seems, when God calls he leads and he provides.