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Easter must have been very confusing for the disciples.  And frightening.  They must have wondered what was going on, what was going to happen to them – if they’d got it all wrong.  They must have been afraid and hurt and in turmoil, perhaps even angry.  But into that steps the risen Jesus and speaks his word of peace.


That’s a word of peace for all people.  Into our confusion, pain, fear, anger, disillusionment, turmoil – whatever we are feeling; Jesus is present and bring his peace to us.  What a gift!  Peace, hope, love and direction for a hurting and confused world – for each and every person.

But it’s not just his presence with us.  God wants to move us on, and invites us to work with him.  Jesus sends us to spread his peace, love and hope wherever we go, whatever we do, into the situations we find in our lives day by day.

Today and everyday, may God’s peace surround you and go with you.