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Holy Living – Living Wholly

“Holy” is one of those words that has bad connotations – “holier than thou”, or “holy Joe”.  It’s inference can be someone who stands aloof or sets them self apart as better than.

But what holy really means is:

dedicated or devoted to the service of God

and the command remains:

‘Be holy because I, the LORD your God, am holy.

We are called to be holy – because God says so, and because he is holy.  And at the end of the day it is living a holy life that makes us whole.

So how do we go about living a holy life?

Well, Leviticus goes on to guide us:

  • Be honest and just
  • Don’t show favouritism
  • Don’t spread lies
  • Speak up for those who need it
  • Don’t bear a grudge
  • Don’t take revenge
  • Love your neighbour

This is the way God calls us to.  He is the Lord, he knows the best way to live – it’s the way he is.  That is our calling and our challenge.  To live in the world as good would, as he asks us.

How are we doing?


You call me to live holy,

to be just and honest,

to not spread lies,

or seek revenge,

to speak up for those who have no voice,

and to love…

Help me to live

in a way that shows your holiness,

and points others to you.

And when I get it wrong,

thank you that there is forgiveness,

and the chance to start again