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One Of Us

Who does he think he is?
Isn’t he just one of us?
Born among us,
lived with us?

And perhaps
that is the point

What if God Was One of Us

Mark 6:1-13 (CEV)

The People of Nazareth Turn against Jesus

Jesus left and returned to his hometown with his disciples. The next Sabbath he taught in the Jewish meeting place. Many of the people who heard him were amazed and asked, “How can he do all this? Where did he get such wisdom and the power to work these miracles? Isn’t he the carpenter, the son of Mary? Aren’t James, Joseph, Judas, and Simon his brothers? Don’t his sisters still live here in our town?” The people were very unhappy because of what he was doing.

But Jesus said, “Prophets are honored by everyone, except the people of their hometown and their relatives and their own family.” Jesus could not work any miracles there, except to heal a few sick people by placing his hands on them. He was surprised that the people did not have any faith.

Instructions for the Twelve Apostles

Jesus taught in all the neighboring villages. Then he called together his twelve apostles and sent them out two by two with power over evil spirits.He told them, “You may take along a walking stick. But don’t carry food or a traveling bag or any money. It’s all right to wear sandals, but don’t take along a change of clothes. 10 When you are welcomed into a home, stay there until you leave that town. 11 If any place won’t welcome you or listen to your message, leave and shake the dust from your feet as a warning to them.”

12 The apostles left and started telling everyone to turn to God. 13 They forced out many demons and healed a lot of sick people by putting olive oil on them.

The Strength of Weakness

I’ve begged,
take it away –
the pain,
the hurt,
the suffering.

I want to be strong,
I want to be me.

But that’s just it,
when I am strong
I’m full of me,
what I can do,
how I’m going to do this,
where I’m going to go.

I am weak
and broken.
It’s all I am
and all have have.
I can do nothing,
so there is plenty of room
for you Lord.

There is nothing I can do.
Whatever needs to be done,
will have to be you.
Work in me Lord,
fill me
with what I need,
may my strength
be in you

Less of Me, More of You

2 Corinthians 12:2-10 (CEV)

I know about one of Christ’s followers who was taken up into the third heaven fourteen years ago. I don’t know if the man was still in his body when it happened, but God certainly knows.

As I said, only God really knows if this man was in his body at the time. But he was taken up into paradise, where he heard things that are too wonderful to tell. I will brag about that man, but not about myself, except to say how weak I am.

Yet even if I did brag, I would not be foolish. I would simply be speaking the truth. But I will try not to say too much. That way, none of you will think more highly of me than you should because of what you have seen me do and say.Of course, I am now referring to the wonderful things I saw. One of Satan’s angels was sent to make me suffer terribly, so that I would not feel too proud.

Three times I begged the Lord to make this suffering go away. But he replied, “My kindness is all you need. My power is strongest when you are weak.” So if Christ keeps giving me his power, I will gladly brag about how weak I am. 10 Yes, I am glad to be weak or insulted or mistreated or to have troubles and sufferings, if it is for Christ. Because when I am weak, I am strong.

Standing For You

A vision
of the Lord,
of his great
and glorious presence,
shining brightly,
beside me
among us.

What can I do,
but fall before you,
in worship,
and praise.

Yet you call me to stand,
to hear your voice
and you lift me up.

You lift me
and send me.
You call me to go for you,
to stand for you
and tell of you.

Lord help me
to stand for you
wherever I find myself.
To not look down,
but look at you,
to hear you
and speak of you.

Ezekiel 2:1-5 (CEV)

The Lord Chooses Ezekiel

The Lord said, “Ezekiel, son of man, I want you to stand up and listen.”After he said this, his Spirit took control of me and lifted me to my feet. Then the Lord said:

Ezekiel, I am sending you to the people of Israel. They are just like their ancestors who rebelled against me and refused to stop. They are stubborn and hardheaded. But I, the Lord God, have chosen you to tell them what I say. Those rebels may not even listen, but at least they will know that a prophet has come to them.