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Where is God?

I remember a song that used to be on the amazing Play Away, that The Tweenies still seem to be singing:

I like peace
I like quiet
I like to hear the small things stir
I like peace
I like quiet
I like to hear the birds wings whirr

I like noise
I like row
I like to hear things bang and pow
I like noise
I like row
I like to hear things wham and wow

I like peace
I like quiet
I like to hear the whisper of grass

I like noise
I like riot
I like to hear the jets go passed
I like dongs and bongs and clangs
And noises that give you a shock!

I like hush and I like shhhhhhh
Quiet enough to hear the ticking of a clock

I  must confess, I’d forgotten about the quiet part of it – I only remembered the “noise and riot”!  That probably tells you everything you need to know about me!  But it reminds us that there is both noise and quiet, and we all hear things differently.

Elijah was running away.  Jezebel was threatening to kill him, the people had turned away from God, he is the only one left.  In that moment, God promises that he will pass by Elijah.  First there comes a powerful wind – but God was not in the wind.  Then came an earthquake – but God was not in the earthquake.  Then came a fire – but God was not in the fire.  Then God came – a gentle whisper – and Elijah heard it.

How often do week seek God in the spectacular?  In the amazing?  Are we looking for the fanfare?  Sometimes God does speak by those things, but sometimes it is a much more gentle voice – and if we are looking for the grand gestures, we may miss him.  In that still small voice, Elijah heard what God wanted him to do.

God is everywhere, but sometimes we feel the need to find the place where we can hear him, and what he is saying to us.  If we fill our lives with noise, we may miss the small whisper, the encouraging word, the prompt, the promise…

If we’re not hearing God, are we looking in the right places?  Are we allowing God to speak as he needs to?  Are we listening and looking for him in all things?


I come to you,

seeking you,

wanting to hear your voice.

Help me

to wait on you,

to take time

to hear what you have to say

to me