What A Day

Today is the Feast of the Transfiguration.

Mark 9:1-13

Jesus took us up a high mountain,
somewhere we could be alone.

There were just the three of us
and him.

I am not sure why it was us three he chose,
but I am extremely glad he did.
What an experience to be part of.

Something happened to Jesus
up there,
he changed
and his clothes became brilliant white,
whiter than even the boldest
washing detergent adverts claim,
so white
you would need sunglasses,
it was other worldly.

Moses and Elijah joined Jesus,
we saw them,
clear as day,
the great prophets
of former generations
joining with him.

being Peter,
had something to say.

We were all so terrified
I am not sure any of us knew what to say,
but he said
how good it was that everyone was here,
and that he would make three shelters,
one each for Jesus, Elijah, and Moses.

Perhaps he was thinking that they would
be tabernacles,
a place to meet with God
and hear his voice,

or God’s resting place,
where he lived,
God’s portable earthly home?

Perhaps he was thinking more like shrines,
a place to mark this day,
this meeting,
to honour it for ever?

he just felt he had to say something,
to show that he had noticed,
was grappling to understand
what it was about?

a cloud appeared
and a voice declared,
“this is my own son”,
just as it had previously
when Jesus was baptised by John.

No one else was there –
it had to be God.

God was confirming
what Peter had acknowledged –
Jesus is God’s son.

As we made our way back down,
Jesus told us to tell no one
until after he had died and risen.

But of course,
that did not stop us
discussing it
amongst ourselves.

What a day,
what an experience!

Thank you, Lord
for those days
when it is all truly clear,
totally obvious,

when we feel
that we have seen,
glimpsed something very real
of you.

Thank you for those days
on the mountain tops.
May they sustain us
for the days
when we travel in the shadows,
when things seem less clear
and we are confused.

Thank you
that you are God in all times.

Taken from my book Voices Through Mark available from me or Moorley’s Publishing

~ by pamjw on August 6, 2021.

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