Come and Be With Me

This was written for our Circuit Daily Devotions which appear Monday to Friday as part of the online ministry. If you would prefer to watch and listen to them they are available here:

This is the written version for those who find that more helpful.

The theme for this week, as we begin Lent, is that of repentance and renewal.  Lent is an opportunity to pause and reflect, to evaluate our life: what we do, who we are, where we have been and where we are going; and to do that in the light of Jesus and his life.  More of that on Wednesday, but we lead up to that.

Today, we find ourselves with Moses and God.

Moses on Mount Sinai

12 The Lord said to Moses, “Come up the mountain to me, and while you are here, I will give you two stone tablets which contain all the laws that I have written for the instruction of the people.” 13 Moses and his helper Joshua got ready, and Moses began to go up the holy mountain. 14 Moses said to the leaders, “Wait here in the camp for us until we come back. Aaron and Hur are here with you; and so whoever has a dispute to settle can go to them.”

15 Moses went up Mount Sinai, and a cloud covered it. 16-17 The dazzling light of the Lord’s presence came down on the mountain. To the Israelites the light looked like a fire burning on top of the mountain. The cloud covered the mountain for six days, and on the seventh day the Lord called to Moses from the cloud. 18 Moses went on up the mountain into the cloud. There he stayed for forty days and nights.

Exodus 24:12-18

God invites Moses, “Come up the mountain to me”.  What an invitation.  To come and be with God.  God was set apart.  God is on the mountain.  From there God calls to his people.  Moses has already been up the mountain to speak with God, or more properly to listen, but the rest of the people cannot. Moses has been up to meet God and heard the Ten Commandments, along with laws on the good treatment of slaves, what to do about physical mistreatment, ownership of property, social responsibility, justice and mercy, Sabbath laws and celebrating festivals.  The people heard these and committed themselves to doing what God said.

Now God invites Moses back.  God is giving the laws in written form, so there can be no debate.  As Moses is on the mountain, as the NIV version says, “the glory of the Lord settled”.  God’s presence was there, and God invited Moses into it.

“Come and be with me”.  God’s invitation still. To come and be with God, in that presence.  No longer an invitation just for one chosen man, but for anyone who longs to be part of God’s work, God’s way of life, God’s glory.

As we come towards Lent, we will take up the opportunity to spend some time in God’s presence?  Some extra time set aside.

 I am not good at giving things up for Lent.  I like to think that most of what I do has a purpose.  With limited energy and health I have to think very carefully about everything I do and whether doing it is worth the effort required – and to be honest, when you live with a life changing chronic illness you have already given a lot up.  But I do like to take something up for Lent.  To set aside some time, energy, and effort to do something for and with God that I might not otherwise do. 

Image result for come into God's presence

It is a question for each of us to consider this Lent.  What can I do?  How will I respond to God’s invitation to come to the mountain?  Perhaps that can be setting aside time to spend in God’s presence?  Not necessarily doing anything, maybe especially not doing anything! But taking time to be in the presence of God, to sit in the glory, and see what happens.

Thank you Lord
that you invite me
to spend time with you.

Thank you that I do not need
to do anything,
say anything,
or be anything,
but just to come
and be with you.

Help me this Lent
to take time with you,
to be in the glory of your presence
and see what comes from that.

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