For All The Saints

Reposting this for All Saints Day this coming Sunday

Pam's Perambulation

This coming Sunday is All Saints Day.  An opportunity to remember all Saints and Martyrs, both those well known and well-commemorated, and those who few knew about – those whose deeds are ‘known only to God’.  This leads on to All Souls Day, which commemorates the faithful departed.

Both days give us an opportunity to remember those who have gone before us, guided us, given us an example and an insight into God and how to live for him.

I enjoy other peoples stories, both the famous, but even better the not famous.  I love to hear what circumstances have occurred in peoples lives and how they have responded to them, how their life has led them to where they are.  Others lives will have led them into places I will never go, and as such are an education.  Others will have been in similar situations to me – all have…

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~ by pamjw on October 28, 2020.

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