No Room #Advent

I discovered these Advent videos from WordLive (which is in itself a great daily bible study resource) – better late then never on my behalf,  but there’s still chance to catch up.

Watching today’s brought a thought that had never crossed my mind before.  We are used to seeing Nativities where poor Joseph goes knocking on many doors, be they inn-keepers or family members doesn’t really matter.  The bible passage (Luke 2:1-7) doesn’t actually mention that search, only that there was no room at the inn, but it has become enough of the ‘accepted’ account of the birth narratives that it can at least give us pause to think.

Anyway, all this is a roundabout way of getting to my question:

How many people had the opportunity, if only they knew it, for the son of God to be born in their lives, and turned him away?

How many people turned Joseph away – and with him that chance?  (Joseph) stands at the door and knocks.  Will we help?  Let him in?  We may be turning away the opportunity to welcome Christ if we turn away the stranger or those in need of shelter – and what blessings we will receive if we let them into our life.

Is there room in me to answer that knock, to find a space – or will I turn him away, for I have no room?  Will I close the door in the face of God when he comes knocking – or fling it wide?

may I realise
the opportunities you give me.
When I see inconvenience,
disturbance and mess,
may I realise
that it is you asking,
you waiting to come in.

I want to welcome you,
may I not miss the opportunity
by thinking I have no room,
but answering the knock
and welcoming you in.

~ by pamjw on December 16, 2015.

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