Honour #Advent

Panteón de Hombres Ilustres (Madrid) 02a

What have I said?
What have I done
that has been so wrong?

I have questioned
the worth of living your way,
looked over the fence
and wondered why
am I any better off?

Yet how that misses the point!
Each and every one of us is
precious to God,
we only see now,
he sees the whole picture
through to the end.
He knows the true value
in living his ways,
what is of eternal worth,
not an apparent head start

So forgive me Lord
when I have lost impetus,
got side-tracked by ‘others’,
thought for today
and not your way,
your fulness.

May I honour you,
in every part of my life,
every way I am,
all that I do
for in you alone
is justice,
and truth.

The theme of the second week in Advent is The Day of Salvation.  We prepare for that day.

Malachi 3:13-4:5 (CEV)

13 You have said horrible things about me, and yet you ask, “What have we said?”

14 Here is what you have said: “It’s foolish to serve the Lord God All-Powerful. What do we get for obeying him and from going around looking sad? 15 See how happy those arrogant people are. Everyone who does wrong is successful, and when they put God to the test, they always get away with it.”

Faithfulness Is Rewarded

16 All those who truly respected the Lord and honoured his name started discussing these things, and when God saw what was happening, he had their names written as a reminder in his book.

17 Then the Lord All-Powerful said:

You people are precious to me, and when I come to bring justice, I will protect you, just as parents protect an obedient child. 18 Then everyone will once again see the difference between those who obey me by doing right and those who reject me by doing wrong.

The Day of Judgment

The Lord said:

The day of judgment is certain to come. And it will be like a red-hot furnace with flames that burn up proud and sinful people, as though they were straw. Not a branch or a root will be left. I, the Lord All-Powerful, have spoken! But for you that honour my name, victory will shine like the sun with healing in its rays, and you will jump around like calves at play. When I come to bring justice, you will trample those who are evil, as though they were ashes under your feet. I, the Lord All-Powerful, have spoken!

Don’t ever forget the laws and teachings I gave my servant Moses on Mount Sinai.

I, the Lord, promise to send the prophet Elijah before that great and terrible day comes.

Ancient of Days

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