Strange Things

Strange things are happening,
things we fear,
things that seem odd,
events we don’t understand.

What do we do?
Search the internet
for answers?
See what the newspapers say?

Or do we stand
as God’s people
and wait
for what he is going to do?

We pray,
as every day
for the Kingdom to come
and to be ready when it does
whenever that is.

2015-07-21 16.39.49

Luke 21:25-36 (CEV)

When the Son of Man Appears

25 Strange things will happen to the sun, moon, and stars. The nations on earth will be afraid of the roaring sea and tides, and they won’t know what to do. 26 People will be so frightened that they will faint because of what is happening to the world. Every power in the sky will be shaken.  27 Then the Son of Man will be seen, coming in a cloud with great power and glory. 28 When all of this starts happening, stand up straight and be brave. You will soon be set free.

A Lesson from a Fig Tree

29 Then Jesus told them a story:

When you see a fig tree or any other tree 30 putting out leaves, you know that summer will soon come. 31 So, when you see these things happening, you know that God’s kingdom will soon be here. 32 You can be sure that some of the people of this generation will still be alive when all of this takes place. 33 The sky and the earth won’t last forever, but my words will.

A Warning

34 Don’t spend all of your time thinking about eating or drinking or worrying about life. If you do, the final day will suddenly catch you 35 like a trap. That day will surprise everyone on earth. 36 Watch out and keep praying that you can escape all that is going to happen and that the Son of Man will be pleased with you.

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One Response to “Strange Things”

  1. Lukas 21:25-36 (CEV)
    Wanneer de zoon van de mens verschijnt
    25 vreemde dingen zal gebeuren met de zon, maan en sterren. De Naties op aarde zal worden bang van de brullende zee en de getijden, en ze niet weten wat te doen. 26 mensen zullen zo bang dat zij zal flauw vanwege wat met de wereld gebeurt er. Elke macht in de hemel zal worden geschud. 27 dan zal de Mensenzoon worden gezien, komen in een wolk met grote macht en heerlijkheid. 28 zodra dit alles gebeurt, Ga rechtop staan en moedig. U zal spoedig worden vrijgelaten.Heel prachtige blog Pam , net als e video dank je wel ervoor, ik wens je nog een gezegende donderdag toe groeten Walter

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