Nothing You Can Do

Try as we might
we can never
get rid of
what’s wrong:
what we’ve done,
not done…

We try,
we strive,
but they remain,
the scars are visible,
the debris piles up,
the effects rumble on.

The only one
who can make a difference
is Christ.

He offers,
not just a fresh start,
a clean slate,
but a whole new way to be:
we will know
and understand
his ways,
get it
and realise how to live.
Our hearts will be changed
God will forget
what we did before,
we will be starting again.

Jesus has done it!
There’s nothing more
for us to do,
except cling to his way,
live it out
in the way he has shown us.
Hold on to him
an to one another
we will make it through
with him.

Hebrews 10:11-25 (CEV)

11 The priests do their work each day, and they keep on offering sacrifices that can never take away sins. 12 But Christ offered himself as a sacrifice that is good forever. Now he is sitting at God’s right side, 13 and he will stay there until his enemies are put under his power. 14 By his one sacrifice he has forever set free from sin the people he brings to God.

15 The Holy Spirit also speaks of this by telling us that the Lord said,

16 “When the time comes,
I will make an agreement
    with them.
I will write my laws
    on their minds and hearts.
17 Then I will forget
    about their sins
and no longer remember
    their evil deeds.”

18 When sins are forgiven, there is no more need to offer sacrifices.

Encouragement and Warning

19 My friends, the blood of Jesus gives us courage to enter the most holy place 20 by a new way that leads to life! And this way takes us through the curtain that is Christ himself.

21 We have a great high priest who is in charge of God’s house. 22 So let’s come near God with pure hearts and a confidence that comes from having faith. Let’s keep our hearts pure, our consciences free from evil, and our bodies washed with clean water. 23 We must hold tightly to the hope that we say is ours. After all, we can trust the one who made the agreement with us. 24 We should keep on encouraging each other to be thoughtful and to do helpful things. 25 Some people have gotten out of the habit of meeting for worship, but we must not do that. We should keep on encouraging each other, especially since you know that the day of the Lord’s coming is getting closer.

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