Less Shouting, More Listening

How I love to shout,
to share my opinions,
to make it sound
as if I have all the answers
and know everything.

I think I am right
and anyone who thinks differently
is wrong.
And I don’t want to hear
anything else.

But if I will just hear
that other voice,
your voice,
even rebuking,
I would learn so much,
be so different;
know your ways
become more like you,
be a much more useful person
and save myself
a lot of grief.

help me to listen.
Still me,
quieten me,
that I may hear the other,
and know what you think
– which is so much more important,
so much better,
so right.

Word of God Speak

Proverbs 1:20-33 (CEV)

Wisdom Speaks

20 Wisdom shouts in the streets
    wherever crowds gather.
21 She shouts in the marketplaces
and near the city gates
    as she says to the people,
22 “How much longer
will you enjoy
    being stupid fools?
Won’t you ever stop sneering
    and laughing at knowledge?
23     Listen as I correct you
    and tell you what I think.
24 You completely ignored me
    and refused to listen;
25 you rejected my advice
and paid no attention
    when I warned you.

26 “So when you are struck
    by some terrible disaster,
27 or when trouble and distress
surround you like a whirlwind,
    I will laugh and make fun.
28 You will ask for my help,
    but I won’t listen;
    you will search,
    but you won’t find me.
29 No, you would not learn,
    and you refused
    to respect the Lord.
30 You rejected my advice
and paid no attention
    when I warned you.

31 “Now you will eat the fruit
    of what you have done,
    until you are stuffed full
    with your own schemes.
32 Sin and self-satisfaction
bring destruction and death
    to stupid fools.
33 But if you listen to me,
you will be safe and secure
    without fear of disaster.”

~ by pamjw on September 7, 2015.

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