Mattering not Scattering


You asked me to care for the sheep
and I haven’t.
My chasing around,
flapping about,
rather than protecting
has chased them away.

I was meant
to be looking after them
for you,
yet I have chased them away from you.

Thank God,
that despite my failings
in love and care,
his love and protection go on.

He can see those that I have scattered,
squeezed out
and chased away,
and he gathers them
back to himself,
into the safety of his fold.

Forgive me Lord,
the times when I have
driven others from you,
made it impossible
to get near you,
or stay close,
bitten and snapped
until they have got the message
that they are not welcome.

When I have not helped them,
encouraged them,
shared the food
and shelter,
allowed them to grow,
but been selfish
with what you have given.

May there be a way back to you
for me too.

I pray
for justice,
and safety.
For those who can lead us there
in our communities.

We pray for governments
and leadership
who want to gather
not scatter,
to care
not scare,
strengthen their people
not send them away needing,
to love and protect
not hurt and harm.

may we model ourselves on you
the Good Shepherd,
who carries the broken
the lost
and weary,
and to whom each and every person matters

Jeremiah 23:1-6 (CEV)

A Message of Hope

The Lord said:

23 You leaders of my people are like shepherds that kill and scatter the sheep. You were supposed to take care of my people, but instead you chased them away. So now I’ll really take care of you, and believe me, you will pay for your crimes!

I will bring the rest of my people home from the lands where I have scattered them, and they will grow into a mighty nation. I promise to choose leaders who will care for them like real shepherds. All of my people will be there, and they will never again be frightened.

Someday I will appoint
an honest king
    from the family of David,
a king who will be wise
    and rule with justice.
As long as he is king,
Israel will have peace,
    and Judah will be safe.
The name of this king will be
    “The Lord Gives Justice.”

~ by pamjw on July 14, 2015.

One Response to “Mattering not Scattering”

  1. 16e Zondag door het jaar , Jeremia 23: 1-6 , schapen , herders jullie mogen niet verstrooid zijn, bid tot de Heer en vraag of Hij je genadig wilt zijn en Hem mag volgen Zoals Hij een goede Herder is geweest voor de mensheid. Amen.

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