The Support of the Vine



where can I get them from?
who can I lean on?
who will feed me?

My strength comes from the one
to whom I am joined,
whose life
flows through me.

From the one who tends me,
who I allow to.

With no life in me
I am dry
good for nothing.

I need life,
and love.

May I keep my veins open,
cling on to you,
that your life,
your strength,
your sustaining power
may flow through me.

May I be
a branch of you,
all you are and do.

You are the vine,
my strength,
my hope,
my nourishment,
my support,
my future.

John 15:1-8 (CEV)

Jesus Is the True Vine

15 Jesus said to his disciples:

I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener. He cuts away every branch of mine that doesn’t produce fruit. But he trims clean every branch that does produce fruit, so that it will produce even more fruit. You are already clean because of what I have said to you.

Stay joined to me, and I will stay joined to you. Just as a branch cannot produce fruit unless it stays joined to the vine, you cannot produce fruit unless you stay joined to me. I am the vine, and you are the branches. If you stay joined to me, and I stay joined to you, then you will produce lots of fruit. But you cannot do anything without me. If you don’t stay joined to me, you will be thrown away. You will be like dry branches that are gathered up and burned in a fire.

Stay joined to me and let my teachings become part of you. Then you can pray for whatever you want, and your prayer will be answered. When you become fruitful disciples of mine, my Father will be honored.

~ by pamjw on April 30, 2015.

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