Gone, But Not Forgotten

I wanted to do this for him,
it was something I could do,
possibly the last thing.

He meant something to me.

Now was the time to come out of the shadows,
be bold,
make a stand
and do what I can.

What do I have to offer to Jesus now,
but my tomb,
my place of death

after all,
he gave his death
for mine.

We prepared his body,
laid it to rest.

And now we wait
for what next,
in our pain,
our questions,
our anger,
our frustration.

What next Lord?

You have brought us on this journey,
now we are left here.

Where now?
What now?
How now?

John 19:38-42 (CEV)

Jesus Is Buried

38 Joseph from Arimathea was one of Jesus’ disciples. He had kept it secret though, because he was afraid of the Jewish leaders. But now he asked Pilate to let him have Jesus’ body. Pilate gave him permission, and Joseph took it down from the cross.

39 Nicodemus also came with about seventy-five pounds of spices made from myrrh and aloes. This was the same Nicodemus who had visited Jesus one night. 40 The two men wrapped the body in a linen cloth, together with the spices, which was how the Jewish people buried their dead. 41 In the place where Jesus had been nailed to a cross, there was a garden with a tomb that had never been used. 42 The tomb was nearby, and since it was the time to prepare for the Sabbath, they were in a hurry to put Jesus’ body there.

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