#adventbookclub The Journey Begins


And so we wait, for God to do, what God will do.

We decide if we will join him, as he invites us.

To let him in, or keep him outside.

To accept his light, or stay in the dark.

To take his light with us, to bring his hope.

Stephen’s original questions were:

  • which person in the story did you most relate to?
  • what surprised, shocked or delighted you the most?
  • how has this changed your understanding of the Christmas story?

I think the person who’s story hit me anew was Martha, the keeper of the inn.  Minding her own business, doing her best, then Jesus bursts into her life.  Unexpected, he brings his presence, his life, his hope to that place that we might not have chosen; and nothing is ever quite the same again.

God does that!  But we have to be prepared to let him and join him in the onward journey.

I look forward to hearing your answers. To those questions.

May your journey have led you into a new place with God, re-filled you with his light and given you courage and strength for the onward journey bearing that light.

Thanks to Stephen Cottrell for writing this brilliant book.

Thank you for joining us reading Walking Backwards to Christmas by Stephen Cottrell from SPCK Publishing this advent.  For all who have been part of #adventbookclub, shared thoughts here, on your own blog, on Twitter using #adventbookclub or on the Adventbookclub Facebook page

See you next year!

~ by pamjw on December 23, 2014.

2 Responses to “#adventbookclub The Journey Begins”

  1. And today’s them is… choice. To walk with Him in the light He bears for us or to go our own way…

  2. My visceral response was to Rachel. But I think the thing from this year’s reqding is about noticing and paying attention to what is going on around me.

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