Anna ii #adventbookclub

Luke 2:36-38 (CEV)

Anna Speaks about the Child Jesus

36 The prophet Anna was also there in the temple. She was the daughter of Phanuel from the tribe of Asher, and she was very old. In her youth she had been married for seven years, but her husband died. 37 And now she was eighty-four years old. Night and day she served God in the temple by praying and often going without eating.

38 At that time Anna came in and praised God. She spoke about the child Jesus to everyone who hoped for Jerusalem to be set free.


But what does it mean?
This coming of light?
Is it all good news?
Do I truly want the light to come?

Light reveals everything,
that we are proud of
and want to highlight;
and those areas we would rather forget
or ignore?

Lord, this Advent
may your light shine in me,
may I see as you see.

Forgive me
where I am not ready,
for the things I’ve been trying to avoid,
when I prefer the dark corners
and what I can hide there.

In your light,
may I see truly what is there,
and in that light
prepare anew for your coming,
then follow
where your light leads.

May I live in light,
in hope,
in love,
in worship,
in praise.

I offer all that I am
to you.


Join us reading Walking Backwards to Christmas by Stephen Cottrell from SPCK Publishing this advent.  Be part of #adventbookclub, share your thoughts here, on your own blog (and let us know we’ll link to it), on Twitter using #adventbookclub or on the Adventbookclub Facebook page


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