What Do I Owe

What do I owe?
To the world?
Those who care?
On behalf of those who can’t pay?

I like a bargain,
want the most for the least;
but I want to know
I will be cared for,
when I,
or anyone else,
needs it.

What do I owe?

What will I give for justice,
not just for me,
but for all.

What do I owe?

Nothing is free,
it has to be paid for
by someone,
My duty is to pay
my dues.

What do I owe?

I will give
what I owe,

What do I owe?

What do I owe God,
In response to all he has given me.

What do I owe?

Matthew 22:15-22 (CEV)

Paying Taxes

15 The Pharisees got together and planned how they could trick Jesus into saying something wrong. 16 They sent some of their followers and some of Herod’s followers to say to him, “Teacher, we know that you are honest. You teach the truth about what God wants people to do. And you treat everyone with the same respect, no matter who they are.17 Tell us what you think! Should we pay taxes to the Emperor or not?”

18 Jesus knew their evil thoughts and said, “Why are you trying to test me? You show-offs! 19 Let me see one of the coins used for paying taxes.” They brought him a silver coin,20 and he asked, “Whose picture and name are on it?”

21 “The Emperor’s,” they answered.

Then Jesus told them, “Give the Emperor what belongs to him and give God what belongs to God.” 22 His answer surprised them so much that they walked away.

~ by pamjw on October 17, 2014.

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