Review of Angels and Men by Catherine Fox

small_9780281072309_angels and men.jpgMara Johns has arrived in ‘a great northern cathedral city’ to continue her studies.  She is a daughter of the Vicarage, but anti-church – and interesting position in an institution that also trains Priests.  Mara wants to be left alone to get on with her research, but would-be friends persist and she lets them in, becoming good friends with Maddy and May; intrigued by her corridor neighbour ‘The Polecat’; and caught between Rupert and Johnny, who both pursue her.

So unfolds Angels and Men by Catherine Fox from SPCK Publishing.

We discover why Mara has chosen the research subject she has and why she is so determined to keep people at bay.  Slowly the barriers are challenged and Mara faces up to herself – though still remaining romantically confused!  She also, eventually manages to find out the truth about a situation that has been hanging over her.

This is a good read, a story with enough twists and turns to keep you turning pages.  If you feel the need for a romance, set loosely around those training for ministry (though it wasn’t like that when I trained – or not that I noticed) or exploring church, with all its different characters, as well as family life and how it affects you, then this is for you.

I enjoyed it (but I do like my stories to be fully resolved at the end and not left hanging!).

~ by pamjw on July 25, 2014.

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