Life Poured Out iii

Wheat grains By User:Thamizhpparithi Maari (Own work)

John 12:20-36 (CEV)

Some Greeks Want To Meet Jesus

20 Some Greeks had gone to Jerusalem to worship during Passover. 21 Philip from Bethsaida in Galilee was there too. So they went to him and said, “Sir, we would like to meet Jesus.”22 Philip told Andrew. Then the two of them went to Jesus and told him.

The Son of Man Must Be Lifted Up

23 Jesus said:

The time has come for the Son of Man to be given his glory. 24 I tell you for certain that a grain of wheat that falls on the ground will never be more than one grain unless it dies. But if it dies, it will produce lots of wheat. 25 If you love your life, you will lose it. If you give it up in this world, you will be given eternal life. 26 If you serve me, you must go with me. My servants will be with me wherever I am. If you serve me, my Father will honor you.

27 Now I am deeply troubled, and I don’t know what to say. But I must not ask my Father to keep me from this time of suffering. In fact, I came into the world to suffer. 28 So Father, bring glory to yourself.

A voice from heaven then said, “I have already brought glory to myself, and I will do it again!” 29 When the crowd heard the voice, some of them thought it was thunder. Others thought an angel had spoken to Jesus.

30 Then Jesus told the crowd, “That voice spoke to help you, not me. 31 This world’s people are now being judged, and the ruler of this world[c] is already being thrown out! 32 If I am lifted up above the earth, I will make everyone want to come to me.” 33 Jesus was talking about the way he would be put to death.

34 The crowd said to Jesus, “The Scriptures teach that the Messiah will live forever. How can you say that the Son of Man must be lifted up? Who is this Son of Man?”

35 Jesus answered, “The light will be with you for only a little longer. Walk in the light while you can. Then you won’t be caught walking blindly in the dark. 36 Have faith in the light while it is with you, and you will be children of the light.”

I want to meet Jesus.

But which Jesus is that?
The sweet,
apparently blissful
child in the manger?
The man who told good stories?
The one who was
the life and soul of parties?
He who made people’s lives better?

The one who challenged the status quo?
Who asked people to think again,
especially in terms
of what they thought religion is about?
Who challenges us about what love is
– really?

Or the one
who is going to give up
everything he has?
The one who will die
so that many can have life?
The one willing to suffer,
that no one else ever has to?
The one for whom
being lifted up,
is not about prestige
and super-stardom,
but offering
and sacrifice?
The one
whose life is poured out
to give me life
in all its fullness?

Is that the Jesus I want to meet?
To worship?
To follow?

Can I do it?

Will I
not just meet him,
but follow,
and live in his light
and life?

What a Name


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