Enduring Love v

23 Instead, I told them, “If you listen to me and do what I tell you, I will be your God, you will be my people, and all will go well for you.” 24 But your ancestors refused to listen. They were stubborn, and whenever I wanted them to go one way, they always went the other. 25 Ever since your ancestors left Egypt, I have been sending my servants the prophets to speak for me. 26 But you have ignored me and become even more stubborn and sinful than your ancestors ever were!

Slaughter Valley

The Lord said:

27 Jeremiah, no matter what you do, the people won’t listen. 28 So you must say to them:

People of Judah, I am the Lord your God, but you have refused to obey me, and you didn’t change when I punished you. And now, you no longer even pretend to be faithful to me.

You speak,
I don’t listen.

Your way
is one way,
my way is another.

You are generous
and ever caring,
I am stubborn
and dig my heels in.

You show me,
I pay no attention.

You keep on

Can I hear,
will I see,
am I able to change?
Do I really want to?

Faithful God
of enduring love;
in my temptations,
my wanderings,
my wilful disobedience;
give me your strength
to follow you,
to listen carefully,
to let myself go with you,
your way.

Though I have focussed on My Way,
and been proud of it,
I turn now
to your way.

Change me
I pray.

Jesus You are Changing Me



~ by pamjw on March 27, 2014.

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