A Faithful God v

Trust the Lord

I, the Lord, have put a curse
on those who turn from me
    and trust in human strength.
They will dry up like a bush
in salty desert soil,
    where nothing can grow.

But I will bless those
    who trust me.
They will be like trees
    growing beside a stream—
trees with roots that reach
    down to the water,
and with leaves
    that are always green.
They bear fruit every year
and are never worried
    by a lack of rain.

You people of Judah
    are so deceitful
that you even fool yourselves,
    and you can’t change.
10 But I know your deeds
    and your thoughts,
and I will make sure
    you get what you deserve.

Who can I trust?
What can I believe?
There are so many wild claims,
so many people
who say what they think is popular,
what people want to hear,
and not the truth,
however unpalatable.

you Lord
can be trusted.
In you is refreshment,
and growth.

I can plant my roots
deep in you,
soaking up
all that you have to give.

help me
not to just dip my toes
in the stream,
but to dive in,
to take all you offer,
to let it flow over me
and around me.

May my life
be freshened
and nourished
only from you,
the faithful one,
for I need your strength
to live your ways,
every day
of my life.

What  a Faithful God

~ by pamjw on March 20, 2014.

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