Prayer in Temptation ii

Temptation of Francis of Assisi

Continuing this week, with reflecting on temptation, the behaviour we slip into, often without realising, and asking God for help to resist, his strength to be strong.

Leviticus 19:11-18 (CEV)

11 Do not steal or tell lies or cheat others.

12 Do not misuse my name by making promises you don’t intend to keep. I am the Lord your God.

13 Do not steal anything or cheat anyone, and don’t fail to pay your workers at the end of each day.

14 I am the Lord your God, and I command you not to make fun of the deaf or to cause a blind person to stumble.

15 Be fair, no matter who is on trial—don’t favor either the poor or the rich.

16 Don’t be a gossip, but never hesitate to speak up in court, especially if your testimony can save someone’s life.

17 Don’t hold grudges. On the other hand, it’s wrong not to correct someone who needs correcting. 18 Stop being angry and don’t try to take revenge. I am the Lord, and I command you to love others as much as you love yourself.

How do I live my life?
What can I resist?
What do I do without even realising it?

Forgive me Lord,
when I cheat
and lie
and steal,
not just physical things….
not just when it is from others,
(though I do that all the time)
but when it is to myself too.
When I pretend,
avoid myself,
settle for less
than I am intended to be.

Forgive me
when I bandy
your name around,
trying to sound impressive,
using you
to validate what I want to say
and do;
that I am something I am not,
holier than I am,
nearer to you than the reality,
implying that I have
your definitive word…

Forgive me
when I take what I don’t warrant
and don’t give to others
what they do deserve.

Forgive me
when I look at others failings
(or what I perceive to be)
and not all that they have to offer
to me,
to you,
to our community.
Forgive me for being blind to others,
their needs,
their burdens,
their gifts;
forgive me for failing to hear
what others have to say,
that may speak to me
if only I listen.

Forgive me
for making snap decisions,
being swayed by the wrong things,
not searching for truth
and justice.

Forgive me
for being quick to gossip,
to pass opinion
(usually uninformed),
to delight in passing on
those little snippets,
for not caring
for the person behind the news.
Forgive me
for not speaking up
for good character,
for right,
for standing up for the truth.

Forgive me Lord
for hanging on to wrong
and upset,
for holding tight
to hurt.
Forgive my anger,
my desire to be even
and my inability to love
and myself.

lead me not into temptation,
give me your strength
to resist,
and when I fail,
save me.
Build your Kingdom
afresh in me
I pray.

Build Your Kingdom Here

~ by pamjw on March 10, 2014.

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