Following God’s Ways

In Praise of the Law of the Lord

119 Our Lord, you bless everyone
    who lives right
    and obeys your Law.
You bless all of those
who follow your commands
    from deep in their hearts
    and who never do wrong
    or turn from you.
You have ordered us always
    to obey your teachings;
    I don’t ever want to stray
    from your laws.
Thinking about your commands
    will keep me from doing
    some foolish thing.
I will do right and praise you
    by learning to respect
    your perfect laws.
I will obey all of them!
    Don’t turn your back on me.


I know your teachings,
what you ask of me,
I long to live by them,
for they are your ways to live.

Help me to focus on them,
on you,
to follow your directions,
to live your ways,
and every day

Psalm 119

~ by pamjw on February 11, 2014.

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