Making Your Mind Up

Some choices in life are really easy decisions, others less so.  Some choices have vital consequences, others not.  There are however, decisions of all kinds to be made every day, from whether to have a cup of tea to whether to move house.  Indecision is rarely an option.

Moses bring to the people the choice of their lives:

Deuteronomy 30:15-20 (CEV)

15 Today I am giving you a choice. You can choose life and success or death and disaster. 16-18 I am commanding you to be loyal to the Lord, to live the way he has told you, and to obey his laws and teachings. You are about to cross the Jordan River and take the land that he is giving you. If you obey him, you will live and become successful and powerful.

On the other hand, you might choose to disobey the Lord and reject him. So I’m warning you that if you bow down and worship other gods, you won’t have long to live.

19 Right now I call the sky and the earth to be witnesses that I am offering you this choice. Will you choose for the Lord to make you prosperous and give you a long life? Or will he put you under a curse and kill you? Choose life! 20 Be completely faithful to the Lord your God, love him, and do whatever he tells you. The Lord is the only one who can give life, and he will let you live a long time in the land that he promised to your ancestors Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Basically, a choice between God and his ways, or their own way.  Success or failure…

Moses implores them to choose God’s ways, the way of life.  They are about to cross The Jordan and take up the land that God has promised to them.  The time has come to make a decision, it can no longer be dodged – so what will they do?  How will they live there?  To obey God and be loyal to all he has shown and told them?  Or reject his ways and do what they like?

Whichever it is, Moses warns them, there will be consequences.  Worshipping the foreign idols will take them away from God, being faithful to him will bring life.  The time has come.  A decision needs to be made one way or the other – which will it be?

It’s a choice that people continue to need to make for themselves, every day.  Today it is a choice for us to make.  Will I choose God and his ways, or not?

Purify My Heat

and each day
I have to make a choice,
whether to choose you,
follow you
and your ways,
or not.

I choose you,
to live the way you ask of me,
to do all I do for you.
But you know
I cannot do that alone.
I need your strength,
your forgiveness,
your grace;
renew me Lord,
equip me
I pray,
for I long to live your way,
not mine

~ by pamjw on February 10, 2014.

4 Responses to “Making Your Mind Up”

  1. thank you. You know my context… 🙂

    • But I didn’t on Saturday when I wrote this…

      • I know! 🙂 which just makes, somehow, the message more powerful and more trustworthy with regard to it’s Source… and there have been two other blogs i’ve just read – Claire’s “The best laid plans” and afeatheronthebreathofGod’s “Water of Life” which have spoken equally powerfully and directly to me.
        So on with the interview prep… 🙂

        He’s a bit awesomely wonderfully, our God. 🙂

      • 🙂

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