A New Year Prayer

Praying for those for whom tomorrow will be just the same as today;
the year to come, the same as the year past;
for those who will still be sacred,
struggling with life and living;
for those who know only too well what another year will bring;
for those who are afraid of the possibilities;
for those for whom there will be very little new year;
for those who have no hope for tomorrow;
for those for whom tomorrow brings only fear and worry;
for those who will have difficult decisions to make,
and those for whom being able to make decisions is a far off hope;
for all who dread tomorrow,
another year.

I pray
that there may be the hope, presence, peace and love of God
in whatever life may bring
and that those who can do something to make a difference

The Hand of God – Rodin By Yair Haklai (Own work)


~ by pamjw on December 31, 2013.

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