Shedding Light #adventbookclub – Day 2

The Story of Creation

In the beginning God
created the heavens
    and the earth.
The earth was barren,
    with no form of life;
it was under a roaring ocean
    covered with darkness.
But the Spirit of God
    was moving over the water.

The First Day

God said, “I command light to shine!” And light started shining. God looked at the light and saw that it was good. He separated light from darkness and named the light “Day” and the darkness “Night.” Evening came and then morning—that was the first day.

Earth Lights

John 1:1-5 (CEV)

The Word of Life

In the beginning was the one
    who is called the Word.
The Word was with God
    and was truly God.
From the very beginning
    the Word was with God.

And with this Word,
    God created all things.
Nothing was made
    without the Word.
Everything that was created
    received its life from him,
and his life gave light
    to everyone.
The light keeps shining
    in the dark,
and darkness has never
    put it out.

The street light opposite our house has not been working for quite a while.  It was only when it was mended that we realised how much light it shone out, how much brighter it makes our part of the street, and our bedroom, when it is on.

A light shining in the dark.

2013-11-22 18.19.19

Illuming, guiding the way, showing what is there.

Maggie takes us to the words of Maria in The Sound of Music,

Let’s start at the very beginning, A very good place to start

There are many beginnings in life.  New starts, new possibilities, new paths.  All of them weave together as part of the whole.

These two passages show God was there in The Beginning.  The start of everything.  The start of us, before us – and has been there all along.  His light shining.  Nothing is going to put the light out.  God was and is.  Bringing light, illuming our way, shedding his light.

Thank you Lord,
that you are a light in my darkness,
showing the way.

Thank you
that you were here long before me
and will be here well after me,
that you are the eternal theme
woven through history,
thread through my story.

Light of the World

This year, several of us are reading Beginnings and Endings by Maggi Dawn and joining together to comment on it.  Do join us at the Adventbookclub Facebook page, follow #adventbookclub on Twitter or comment below.  If you are also reading and blogging on this book, let me know and I will link to your blog.

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