Luke 21:5-19 (CEV)

The Temple Will Be Destroyed

Some people were talking about the beautiful stones used to build the temple and about the gifts that had been placed in it. Jesus said, “Do you see these stones? The time is coming when not one of them will be left in place. They will all be knocked down.”

Warning about Trouble

Some people asked, “Teacher, when will all this happen? How can we know when these things are about to take place?”

Jesus replied:

Don’t be fooled by those who will come and claim to be me. They will say, “I am Christ!” and “Now is the time!” But don’t follow them. When you hear about wars and riots, don’t be afraid. These things will have to happen first, but that isn’t the end.

10 Nations will go to war against one another, and kingdoms will attack each other. 11 There will be great earthquakes, and in many places people will starve to death and suffer terrible diseases. All sorts of frightening things will be seen in the sky.

12 Before all this happens, you will be arrested and punished. You will be tried in your meeting places and put in jail. Because of me you will be placed on trial before kings and governors. 13 But this will be your chance to tell about your faith.

14 Don’t worry about what you will say to defend yourselves. 15 I will give you the wisdom to know what to say. None of your enemies will be able to oppose you or to say that you are wrong. 16 You will be betrayed by your own parents, brothers, family, and friends. Some of you will even be killed. 17 Because of me, you will be hated by everyone. 18 But don’t worry![a] 19 You will be saved by being faithful to me.

But When Lord?
I want to know,
I want to be ready.

Such beautiful stones,
so carefully crafted.
But you say they will go.
Are you sure?
My ancestors have worshipped here for years.
What about all the beautiful things inside?
They were given sacrificially you know,
part of our Worship.
It’s really going?

But When Lord?
I want to know,
I want to be ready.

But we’ve heard it before,
people claiming to be The Messiah,
saying this was it,
now is the time,
and they were wrong.
how will we know when it is the time?

But When Lord?
I want to know,
I want to be ready.

We look around the world,
it’s in such a mess.
People fighting,
I’m frightened.
Is it now?
Is this it?

But When Lord?
I want to know,
I want to be ready.

I’ve got to suffer?
There may be trials,
people asking questions
of me
and my faith.
How long for?
How much will I have to take?

But When Lord?
I want to know,
I want to be ready.

People will betray me?
And say bad things about me?
And hated?
I’m not sure I like that idea?

But it’s all coming to an end?
When will it be?
Is it now?
Or later?
I need to know.
I want to know.
I don’t want to be caught unawares.

But When Lord?
I want to know,
I want to be ready.

Though really,
we never know,
we can’t know,
when it will be.
How can we?
We never know what will happen
in life,
in our future,
what our future will be,
or even if our future will be…

I do so want to be ready,
ready for you.

~ by pamjw on November 14, 2013.

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