Advent Book Club 2013

After deliberation, we (well Sara and I!) have decided to have another go at the #adventbookclub that some of us enjoyed last year.

We have decided to use Beginnings and Endings by Maggi Dawn

It so happens, that this is on a Buy One Get One Half Price Offer at Church House Bookshop if you have a friend you can get together with.

Maggi has sent us this message


So, how does #adventbookclub work

It all starts on December 1st.

If you have a copy of the book read along with each days readings.

Then comment away!  We’re looking for guest posts, interactions via Facebook and Twitter, posts on your own blog that we can link in to – however you want to join in really.  All with the hashtag #adventbookclub.  I will post what I can, but it’s open to you all.  Let me know if you’ve written something on it or want to write something here.

Please do join in.  This is not just about me, I just happen to be hosting it…

And hopefully, we will arrive at Christmas more prepared to meet God born among us.

And here is Sara’s post, where she explains well who this is for…

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