I’m An Innocent Man – or woman

Following on from Job, and his pleas of innocence, we now have:

Psalm 17:1-9 (CEV)

(A prayer by David.)
The Prayer of an Innocent Person

17 I am innocent, Lord!
Won’t you listen as I pray
    and beg for help?
    I am honest!
    Please hear my prayer.
Only you can say
    that I am innocent,
    because only your eyes
    can see the truth.

You know my heart,
    and even during the night
you have tested me
    and found me innocent.
I have made up my mind
    never to tell a lie.
    I don’t do like others.
I obey your teachings
    and am not cruel.
    I have followed you,
    without ever stumbling.

I pray to you, God,
    because you will help me.
    Listen and answer my prayer!
    Show your wonderful love.
Your mighty arm protects those
who run to you
    for safety
    from their enemies.
Protect me as you would
    your very own eyes;
    hide me in the shadow
    of your wings.

Don’t let my brutal enemies
    attack from all sides
    and kill me.

It’s unusual to have those pleading their innocence.  It’s usually those coming before God fully aware of what is wrong in their lives, but this, like Job, is someone who has been accused of something he hasn’t done and is being hounded for it.  Also like Job, he knows God knows the truth and asks him to protect him from those who would do him harm because of what they think he has done.

Song: Apple of Your Eye

(Oh and if you were hoping for Billy Joel – you’re welcome!)

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