I Know

Have you ever been accused of something you haven’t done?  When someone has assumed that you have done something that you haven’t?  But they have treated you guilty as charged anyway?  That was Job’s experience…

Job 19:23-27 (CEV)

23 I wish that my words
could be written down
24     or chiseled into rock.
25 I know that my Savior lives,
and at the end
    he will stand on this earth.
26 My flesh may be destroyed,
yet from this body
    I will see God.
27 Yes, I will see him for myself,
    and I long for that moment.

These are part of Job’s words in response to his friends.  They subscribe to the commonly held belief that God rewards good and punishes evil, with the conclusion that therefore Job must have done something wrong to be in this mess.  Specifically at this point, Bildad has given a description of the lot of the evil man.  Job asks him,

Why do you keep tormenting me with words? (v1)

and actually questions what it matters to Bildad if he has done wrong; though he knows that to Bildad, what he sees happening to Job, is proof enough.  He’s says it is God’s work, not his own, that has got him in this situation.

In fact, he wants it recording.

I know that my Saviour lives (v25)

Whatever has happened, Job still believes in God, in a God who will save him from these troubles – that whatever happens to him, he will see God.  That is faith! He can see it from the bottom of the pit he is in, he can feel it in the depths of his pain.  However he is feeling he can still see God and hold on to him.

Faith and God are not just for the easy days, when skies are blue and all is well in our world.  God is with us in the dark times too, in the times when it feels that everything is going wrong, when life is falling apart and we feel far from God and not sure what we believe any more.  We may not be able to feel it as Job does, but it is none the less true.  Whether we feel it or not, God does, He holds us, He sustains us, He carries us through.

God doesn’t depend on my faith and belief in him.  He is – however I feel.  And I thank God for that.

How great it is that God is not just God of the good days – that would be easy.  I’m glad he’s God of the tough days too, the days I can’t carry on, the days I am battered and bruised, the days I’m hurt and alone, the days I can’t see him, he can still see me – and he carries me through until I can say again,

I know that my Saviour lives

Thank you Lord,
that you are not just
a fair weather friend,
but an all-weather friend.
You are with me through storms
as well as sunshine.
Thank you that when I have no strength
to carry myself,no faith
to see you:
that you see me,
you carry me,
you believe in me.
I stand in that hope.

I Know That My Redeemer Lives

~ by pamjw on November 4, 2013.

3 Responses to “I Know”

  1. amen! and praise Him for the occasional glimpses of His unwavering love and irrefutable demonstrations of power which are given us even in the darkest places, to encourage us forward. As the Taize chant goes:
    In our darkness
    there is no darkness.
    With you, o Lord,
    the deepest night
    is clear as the day.

    doesn’t feel like it – but it is.
    In the Eternal Now we are whole, bathed in the light of Christ, and God is ceaselessly drawing us towards that ultimate Reality.
    Job is very much part of my journey at the moment.

  2. 🙂

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