Knowing and Being Forgiven

Following on very neatly from yesterday, those who know the reality of their life, who know how much they are forgiven, know the joy of forgiveness.

Being aware of what we have done, is the first step.  Then in coming to God in that knowledge, he will do the rest.

David was someone who had got things wrong (for example his relationship with Bathsheba in 2 Samuel 11), he knew that.  But he also knew the God of forgiveness – and this is a response to that.

Those who confess what they know they have got wrong, can know God’s forgiveness, those things need no longer weigh heavily on us and hold us down, we can be free in him.

Psalm 32:1-7 (CEV)

(A special psalm by David.)

The Joy of Forgiveness

32 Our God, you bless everyone
    whose sins you forgive
    and wipe away.
You bless them by saying,
    “You told me your sins,
without trying to hide them,
    and now I forgive you.”

Before I confessed my sins,
my bones felt limp,
    and I groaned all day long.
Night and day your hand
    weighed heavily on me,
    and my strength was gone
    as in the summer heat.

So I confessed my sins
    and told them all to you.
    I said, “I’ll tell the Lord
    each one of my sins.”
Then you forgave me
    and took away my guilt.

We worship you, Lord,
    and we should always pray
whenever we find out
    that we have sinned.[
    Then we won’t be swept away
    by a raging flood.
You are my hiding place!
    You protect me from trouble,
and you put songs in my heart
    because you have saved me.

Psalm 32

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