Book Review: Does God LOL? from DLT Books

A book about God and laughter, what can possibly be not to like?

Does God LOL? is a collection of answers to this question from well-known comedians, compiled by Frankie Mulgrew.  It also has four cartoon answers, including one from the very funny Dave Walker.

Perhaps not surprisingly, as the answers all come from comedians, the conclusion to the question is a resounding yes.  But they all explore the question in different ways.  Each contributor reminds us of the humour of God as seen in the bible and the world.  I like that.  Sometimes we need reminding.  It’s too easy to think God is all stern and out of touch – and to take ourselves too seriously.

There are contributions from the comedians you would expect, and some who I was surprised to find there – which says more about me!  There is an introduction from Tom Wright, and the insightful reflections from the editor at intervals.  Each chapter is short, so it is an easy to read book.

This is a great book if you love comedy.  If you’re not convinced that Christians should be laughing – you soon will be.

And best of all – royalties from the book go to Mary’s Meals, to support their work.

~ by pamjw on October 18, 2013.

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