Blessings – Psalm 112

Psalm 112 (CEV)

God Blesses His Worshipers

112 Shout praises to the Lord!
    The Lord blesses everyone
    who worships him and gladly
    obeys his teachings.
Their descendants will have
    great power in the land,
    because the Lord blesses
    all who do right.
They will get rich and prosper
    and will always be remembered
    for their fairness.
They will be so kind
    and merciful and good,
that they will be a light
in the dark
    for others
    who do the right thing.

Life will go well for those
who freely lend
    and are honest in business.
They won’t ever be troubled,
    and the kind things they do
    will never be forgotten.
Bad news won’t bother them;
    they have decided
    to trust the Lord.
They are dependable
    and not afraid,
    and they will live to see
    their enemies defeated.
They will always be remembered
    and greatly praised,
    because they were kind
    and freely gave to the poor.
10 When evil people see this,
    they angrily bite their tongues
    and disappear.
They will never get
    what they really want.

This is another classic example of the Old Testament belief of “Do the right thing and all will go well”.  That is their world view, and the milieu they are writing in and living out their faith.

But it also extols the virtues of those who do fear God and do what he asks of them.  They are dependable and kind – an example to those who would do them harm.  And we should remember that anyone can change to God’s ways, we don’t write anyone off – God doesn’t.

All who rely on God, will be blessed.

~ by pamjw on August 27, 2013.

3 Responses to “Blessings – Psalm 112”

  1. hard sometimes to continue to praise and trust in the face of intractable situations. and yet, and yet… praying for all who are living in situations which are not of their choosing, for all who have no choice but to hang on in there with no guarantee of anything changing. Indeed, for all of us – may our eyes be opened to the truth of this psalm and may we receive the grace to let God be God.

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